Packaging Services

Order Paytm certified packaging and drive better customer experience!

Products dispatched from sellers’ store travels through a long and tough journey before reaching to the customer. To deliver your product in secure and sound condition requires a high quality packaging

Paytm is offering packaging services for sellers ensuring standardized quality, designs, sizes, certifications, authorized vendors at a lowest price at one portal.

Why should you use Paytm packaging:

  • Certified Quality by Paytm authorized vendors
  • Standardized packaging solutions
  • Certified codes on the material
  • Best rates in the market
  • Seamless order placement on the portal
  • Door step delivery
  • Delivered within 3-5 days pan India
  • Value added packaging including hologram labels, co-branding etc for sellers’ benefit

Products we offer:

  • Paytm branded packaging : We offer standard design with Paytm branding for sellers to order
    • Tapes
    • Poybags (6 sizes)
    • Corrugated boxes ( 13 sizes )
  • Value added packaging :
    • Co-branded packaging : Paytm also provides an options for the sellers to co-brand the packaging material to get associated with Paytm brand and increase sales online. We have partnered with the packaging vendors to take care of customized requirements for sellers and provide them opportunity to grow big and promote their brand.
  • Hologram label service by Paytm : We are introducing Paytm branded holographic labels, which would work as a seal on the brand box and outer packaging of the item. This services ensures tamper proof sealing on each shipment to offer additional security

To order packaging material please click at

You can also watch our video at –

Benefits to sellers:

  • No minimum order quantity, we offer as low as pack of 50 for any packaging material
  • Quick deliveries to ensure business urgency
  • In case of quality complaints we are there to take care, get your refund
  • Standard packaging helps not only drives improves seller ratings by driving better customer experience, but it also reduces in transit damage, standardizes volumetric shipment weight and hence save costs
  • End to end management by Paytm packaging team

Packaging FAQ’s

How to buy Packaging from Paytm?

You Can buy packaging material from our market place portal at

Which Paytm account should I use for ordering packaging material ?

It is recommended that you use your paytm account with merchant email id or mobile number to place the orders of packaging. Also mention the delivery address as your registered warehouse address

How many days will it take to deliver the packaging?

Once order has been placed for packaging it will be delivered within 4-5 days. If it is still not reached then raise ticket for delay in receiving packaging material from seller panel and mention the order id.

What is the payment method for getting packaging?

Payment method for buying packaging is online, you need to pay amount either through Debit/Credit card, Net banking or Paytm wallet options available from or app

Can I return Packaging material ?

Select the size and quantity you wish to order carefully as there is no return policy once packaging material is delivered

From where all I can buy branded packaging material?

Paytm branded packaging material is only available with authorized vendors of Paytm, and you can buy the same only from our market place portal. We don’t allow other model of sales for branded packaging.

I want to know more about value added packaging?

Please write to us at

First-mile logistics Service 

Seamless and Hassle free Procurement Service only for F.C Sellers

If you are a registered FC seller with Paytm and want to send your load to Fc at any time, we are introducing logistics services at your door step to pick up the shipments and deliver to any of our FCs.

Through this services, we can pick up load as low as 5 kgs to you can book your own vehicle at the market competitive rates. We have partnered with logistics providers, who can take orders online from our portal and pick and deliver as per your schedule.

What Kind of services are available?

  • Part load booking starting from 1 kg to multiple kgs
  • Book your own vehicle to send the load

How to order for the service?

  1. Once you raise request for FC stock transfer, based on your STN (stock transfer note) determine the weight of total shipments you want to send to FC ( in kgs)
  2. Go to link for the service by clicking at and click on the SKU you want to order either part load or you want to book a trip for full vehicle
  3. Choose the FC location from drop down, to which FC you want to drop the load at and you will see the price with book now button on the page, click on book for x Rs.
  4. At the cart page mention your name, contact number and pick up address in the customer address field
  5. Pay the amount online through any means.

Once your order is placed, you would receive a call from our partner for schedule and services will be delivered within next 2 days

Why choose only Paytm first mile services?

  • Very easy process to order
  • Hassle-free transfer of stock
  • Door-step pick & FC drop
  • Best prices
  • Quick schedules for FC inward of stocks

For any queries please write to us at

Logistics Service FAQ’s

How do I determine the weight of the shipments I want to send?

You can either check catalog weight of all PIDs and sum for the number of items you are sending in an STN or you can calculate the absolute weight (in kgs) and volumetric weight ( Length x width x height in centimeters / 5000) . You should always order for the maximum of absolute weight and volumetric weight

How do I order for partial load from the logistics service link ?

Go to partial load SKU on the logistics services link, and then choose the total weight from the drop down. You can order in multiple of 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50 kg and 100 kg

For example if you want to order 25 kgs , order 20 kg + 5 kg each pay in the final cart 

How many days will it take to deliver the STN?

Once you have booked for procurement service the stock will be picked up and delivered in our F.C within next 2 days. If it is still not delivered or want to know the status then raise ticket for from seller panel and mention the order id

What is the payment method for getting procurement service?

Payment method for availing procurement is online, you need to pay amount either through Debit/Credit card, Net banking or Paytm wallet options available from or app

Is loading /unloading covered in the services?

No, currently loading or unloading is not covered by the service providers.