Seller Rating

Most sellers often undervalue the power of ratings. You should however pay close attention to it and monitor it on a regular basis. Customers coming online to shop greatly value ratings and their buying decision is, more often than not, based on them. As a seller, you should always strive for good ratings and reviews as this helps with:

  • Increase in sales
  • Identifies & establishes you as a trusted seller
  • Helps give more visibility to your products
  • Reduces the return rate

The seller ratings on Paytm Mall Marketplace are a great way to speak for your performance, ranking and the services you offer for your products. As of now a customer, on Paytm Mall, can rate you on 3 aspects main aspects:

  • Product as described
  • Product Packaging & Handling
  • Timely Delivery

How to improve your ratings

Product description: Give true and genuine description of the product.

Packaging & Handling: Adhere to Paytm Mall’s Packaging Guidelines. Ensure to pack and ship every order with utmost care to avoid any damage or breakage while handling.

Timely Delivery: Ensure that you are packing and getting orders ready for shipment within 24 hours. This will help boost your overall average ratings.

Quality: You must ensure shipping best quality products to ensure reduced returns from customers. To achieve this, use high-quality images, give accurate & true product descriptions and ship the exact product that you have displayed on the marketplace.

Things to avoid

  • Do not sell fake products
  • Do not give false description of products or lead the customer on in any way
  • Do not ship wrong products other than what is shown to the buyer on the Paytm Mall website
  • Make sure you do not ship used, faulty and re-furbished products
  • Do not give false description in Product’s Attributes like size and colour
  • Do not forget to send freebies and other offers that you promised with the main product

In case you require any help/advice related to ratings, feel free to Contact Us