I am a seller. How can I sell my products on Paytm?

We welcome you to excel your business on PAytm. You can start selling in by a simple registration on Paytm. Once you complete this registration our Merchant management team will get in touch with you to help you further.

How do I contact Paytm to become a seller? Is there a seller helpline?

Yes, Paytm has a complete dedicated support for sellers. Please get in touch at to become a Paytm seller. If you have any queries, you can reach us via the Seller Support tab on the Paytm Seller app or Seller Panel.

In which categories can I sell products on

You can sell items in the following Stores:

Home, Electronics, Men, Women, Sports & Health Home & Kitchen, Baby, Kids & Toys, Stationery, Gifts & Sweets, Industrial Supplies and many subcategories of these Stores.

I am a registered seller on Paytm platform but unable to login on the Platform.Why?

There could be following reasons for it:

  1. You forgot your username and password
  2. The user­ID entered by you is incorrect
  3. You have not yet received any registration confirmation on your registered email id.

Please follow below steps to Login and access the Seller Panel

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your registered email ID: xxxxxxxxx
  3. Enter Password

Still, if you are not able to login then click on “Forgot Password?” to again reset your password. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email id. Clicking on the link will allow you to again login on the Platform.

In case, if you do not receive the confirmation email, then please reach us via the Seller Support tab on the Paytm Seller app or Seller Panel.

My login is successful but I only see a blank screen with an error message.

Please share below details on Seller Panel in order to help us fix this issue:

  1. User ID
  2. Merchant ID
  3. Error screenshot

Is it possible to change basic details like display name, contact number, warehouse address and alternate details in future ?

Yes, this is possible. However, you have to request for the changes via Support Tab. The merchant helpdesk will verify these and update in the system.

Change in KYC and bank details:

Change in Store name: Please share the new store name and scanned copy of GSTIN number, the merchant helpdesk will verify it and update in the system.

Change in Company Address: Please provide the below proof to merchant helpdesk for updating details in the system.

  1. Copy of address proof
  2. GST
  3. Broadband Bill
  4. Postpaid phone bill
  5. Rent Agreement

Where can I find my Merchant ID (MID)?

Please access : Settings tab ->Profile sub-tab ->Merchant ID (MID)

Will I be assigned an Account Manager?

Your Account is managed by dedicated Merchant Helpdesk team that helps resolve all your queries. You can reach us via the Seller Support tab on the Paytm Seller app or Seller Panel.

Can I sell on Paytm if I do not have a website?

You do not require a website to sell products on Paytm. Once you become a seller on Paytm, you will have easy access to Paytm’s Seller Panel to list and sell all your products online.