Sales and Promotions
We are in constant search of finding new ways to help you engage better with customers. This helps bring visibility to your products and in turn increases sales. From time-to-time we roll out promotions to help increase business for you. There are various kinds of promotions and you can read all about them below:

Participating in Promotions
Participating in any of the promotional campaigns is as simple as it gets. If your are shortlisted for any upcoming promotional campaigns, you will receive an invitational e-mail from us. You will be required to share a list of products you wish to showcase for the particular promotion. The list is screened by us and a final communication is sent out to you; if your products (partially/completely) qualify for the promotion.

Benefits of Promotions
We try to boost the sales by providing extra cashback, free shipping charges and more to our customers. Through promotional campaigns, products will receive better visibility on the Paytm website/app.

Based on the campaign, you will receive necessary details which include the discounts percentages/ amounts and other incentives that you will need to give on your products.

What will be the structure of commissions and logistics?
Standard charges for commissions and logistics will apply. In case of any changes in the same, the detailed structure will be provided in the invitational e-mail.

How much does Paytm charge for promotions?
Paytm offers several prime properties (locations & spots on the App & Website) which may be utilized by the sellers for promoting their brand / products. The details about these properties can be found in the image below

The cost of these promotions depend on your product category and the location/spot you chose for promotion. The rates are calculated based upon the number of visitors who are expected to view/click and thus may vary from time to time.

How to boost your sales?

To boost up your sales, we strongly advice you to:

  • Participate in as many promotions as rolled out by Paytm
  • Keep the specifics of the products: Selling Price (SP), Market Retail Price (MRP), Discounts etc. in sync with the requirements of the campaign
  • Update your catalog with more products and keep proper inventory levels
  • Try to provide competitive prices on your products especially during promotion
  • Always remember to follow packaging guidelines and ship orders as per SLA
  • Paytm will not offer any cashback or promocode related promotions to customers or you, if you avail of the COD [cash on delivery] option as a mode of payment.