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Sales and Promotions We are in constant search of finding new ways to help you engage better with customers. This helps bring visibility to your products and in turn, increases sales. From time-to-time, we roll out promotions to help increase the business for you. There are various kinds of promotions and you can read all about them below: Participating in Promotions Participating in any of the promotional campaigns is as simple as it gets. All the promotional campaigns get updated in the Growth Tab of your seller panel. You can select the campaign and opt-in within the prescribed timeline. Know how Benefits of Promotions What will be the structure of commissions and logistics? Standard charges for commissions and logistics will apply. In case of any changes in the same, the detailed structure will be shared via an email. How much does Paytm charge for promotions? A promotional fee is charged/orders when you opt-in for a promotional campaign. This is charges over and above the regular deductions. The details of the marketing fee are always shared along with the promotion details in the growth tab. How to boost your sales? To boost your sales, we strongly advise you to:

  • Participate in as many promotions rolled out by Paytm Mall as possible
  • Keep the specifics of the products – Selling Price (SP), Market Retail Price (MRP), Discounts etc. – in sync with the requirements of the campaign
  • Update your catalogue with more products and keep proper inventory levels
  • Try to provide competitive prices for your products, especially during promotion
  • Always remember to follow the packaging guidelines and ship orders as per the SLA