We know the times are tough and the aftermath of COVID can affect your sales. This is the reason we have decided to extend our support and help you in growing your business.

We bring you an opportunity where every PLA Wallet recharge of yours would bring an equivalent amount of incentive, that too up to 100% in your wallet as per your product category. So, this is a chance where you can enhance your products’ visibility and magnify your overall sales.  

Please note, this offer holds multiple benefits for you. First, your products would catch customers’ attention sooner, hence your business would expand. Secondly, you would earn back the money you would invest for your Listing Ads as additional incentives. 

The additional incentive amounts as per the product categories are mentioned below:

100% Incentives


50% Incentives



Now let’s look at an example for better understanding! If you add Rs.5000/- to the PLA wallet, Rs.4200/- would be reflected and as per the 50% scheme, the final incentive amount would be Rs.2100 & as per the 100% scheme, the total incentive amount would be Rs.4200/-

Also, to learn more about the additional incentives offered, kindly go through the mentioned T&C:

  1. Minimum recharge of 5000/-  necessary (Inclusive of GST)
  2. Incentive would be credited within 24 hours