Paytm Mall takes pride in offering you the fastest payment cycle. We have ensured that payments are made thrice a week for sales done by you. Payouts are done on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

How would you know?

Once the order changes to ‘Delivered‘ status, you will get a payment e-mail from us. An attached PDF invoice gives you an idea of your order & your earnings.

Please note that the payout is made after deducting the sum of marketplace commission + payment gateway charges + Logistics (LMD partner) + penalty(if any) + GST from your selling price.

The funds are transferred to your bank account. Please allow 2-3 working days for the amount to reflect in your account as banks normally take that to process them.

Let’s explain further:


Orders delivered till Sunday – Payout will be done for these orders in the Wednesday cycle
Orders delivered between Monday & Tuesday – Payout will be done for these orders in Friday cycle
Orders delivered between Wednesday & Thursday – Payout will be done for these orders in Monday cycle
You have complete access and can view all orders & their details. You can even view details of your earnings which includes payments, unpaid orders and all other payment related queries.

Need-to-know terms:

  • Payment Dashboard: The sellers will be able to make use of Payment Dashboard very soon as it is expected to go live very soon with a feature where sellers would be able to view the date wise break up of their payments.
  • All Payments: This tab gives an insight to all your earnings, deductions or penalties. You can view payment break ups by clicking on ‘View Payment Details‘ under this tab. Check for any deductions on order under ‘View Orders‘. You will be able to download Order CSV file to check for orders.
  • Unpaid Orders: This tab has a detailed list of all the unpaid orders and allows you to download Order CSV file . You can easily access and view logistics and marketplace fees here along with deductions [if any] that you would have to bear for certain product refunds.
  • All Orders: The last tab under ‘Payments’ is ‘All Orders’ where you can view all your order payouts with their complete status.

Incase you are looking for more information, you can also check:

Various Fee
Modes of PaymentQuestions, clarifications or doubts, you can reach us via the Seller Support tab.
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