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Paytm Mall takes pride in offering you the fastest payment cycle without any hassle. We have ensured that the payments are done on all weekdays except for bank holidays.

How would you know when your payment is processed?

Once the order changes to the ‘Delivered’ status, the payment will be initiated from our end and you can check the same under the Payments tab in your seller panel (know more here).

Please note that the payout is made after deducting the sum of [Marketplace Commission + Payment Gateway charges + Logistics (LMD partner) + Fixed Closing Fee + penalty (if any) + GST + TCS +TDS ] from your selling price.

How your payout is calculated?

The final payout made to you is done after the various commissions, and the fee is deducted from the selling price. Refer to the table below for the payout calculation

*Tax deducted at source (TDS) u/s 194-O mandates e-commerce companies to deduct TDS on sales of goods and services through their platform. This will be effective from 1 October 2020. The rate of TDS applicable will be 0.75% ( of the base selling price) from October 1 2020 to 31 March 2021 and will be 1% ( of the base selling price) post 31st March 2021. However, in cases wherein the PAN is unavailable or invalid, TDS at 5% will be applicable. For more details, click here.

  • Once the product is delivered to the customer, the payment will get processed within 10-12 working days from the date of delivery of the product
  • Payment is transferred every day except for bank holidays and it is processed during the banking hours only
Let us explain further

Why haven’t you received your payout?

The transferred payment will reflect in your bank account within the next 7-10 (maximum) days from the date of delivery of the product. However, there might be some occasions when your payment is delayed. Your payment might be delayed due to the following reasons:

  • Bank Holiday – If there is a bank holiday at the time of your payout, you will receive it within the next business day
  • Account details – A recent change in your bank details might cause a delay in your payment. You can easily update your account details via the seller panel. Read more
Need-to-know terms:
  • Payments tab: The sellers can make use of the Payments tab, where they will be able to view all their payments and settlements. The tab gives an insight into all your earnings, deductions or penalties
  • Payouts: You can view your date-wise payment breakups by clicking on ‘Orderwise Payouts‘ under this tab. You will also be able to download the order-wise CSV file for all filtered settlements
  • Commission & Approval: You can easily access and view the product-wise commission, merchant commission, and category-wise commission, with their complete status
  • Invoice: This tab has a detailed list of all the invoices. Here you can download the invoice by navigating through the tree as per the invoice type, year, and month.
  • GST Report: The last tab under ‘Payments’ is ‘GST Report’, where you can view all your reports from October 2017 until the present year i.e 2018.

In case of any questions, clarifications, or doubts, you can reach us via the Seller Support tab.

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