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How to opt for Paytm Fulfillment Center services?

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What is a Fulfillment Center?

Fulfillment Centers also referred to as FCs is a facility where merchants can keep their products in a sort of warehouse to make the order process simpler. That warehouse will not belong to you or Paytm.

All you need to do is transfer your stock to a FC and leave the order processing to a FC partner. A FC will receive the orders, will pack and ship the products to the end customer on your behalf.

Why would you need to use a Fulfillment Center?

As a seller, you could face several hurdles that a FC may be able to make easier for you to overcome. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Have the potential but are constricted by bandwidth
    You may be getting a lot of orders. And have the potential to service them [products readily available]. However, due to bandwidth constraints aren’t being able to service as many orders as you would like to. This is where an FC steps in.
  • Operational overheads
    Managing manpower, ensuring guidelines are adhered to in terms of packaging can be a painstaking process when you have a large number of orders to service. In that case, the FC takes care of all of this for you.
  • Improvement in SLAs & customer experience
    Since the FC consists of a team of experts, they are fully equipped to handle order more efficiently. This results in faster deliveries and in turn improve your buyers’ experience. Also, this will increase your rating as a seller and will help in establishing a trust with your buyers. Trust results to increase in sales.
  • Avoid penalties for delays in order processing
    A FC has the capacity to process an order within 4 hours and have it ready for dispatch. This saves you from being penalized for delay in processing orders.
  • Risk of returns
    Since your orders are thoroughly cross-checked before sending out, the possibility of shipping out wrong size/ product reduces. Hence, returns also see a drastic drop. This saves you a lot of trouble to have to go through the entire return process.
  • Coordination with multiple courier partners
    Avoid confusion and leave the coordination with several courier partners to the FC. They will track and coordinate with multiple one at the same time. That way you have time to concentrate on bigger things.

How to start using a Fulfillment Center?

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How are orders handled on my behalf?


How to ensure seamless order processing with the help of a Fulfillment Center? 

  • Inform FC directly about SKU’s to be stocked
    You need to map your entire catalogue with the FC partner for the process to begin.
  • Generate Stock Transfer Note (STN) for FC as per the agreed format
    When sending goods to the FC, you need to send a Stock Transfer Note (STN) to FC one day prior dispatching goods. This will contain details of the quality of products and other specs which you wish to send to the FC.
  • Pickup returned products from the FC
    This is in the case of products that are in no condition to be added back to your inventory, once returned by a customer. You need to pick up the products returned to the FC within 7 days. Post this, the FC will ship the products out to you and the courier charges will have to be borne by you.


Fulfillment Center Fees:

gobig-table (1)Terms & Conditions:

  1. Procurement cost of transfer of material from Seller to a FC location is INR 7.00 per kg per trip.
  2. All the packaging material cost has been included above. Please note poly bags & tapes, are charged separately.
  3. Storage Fee –
    1. The storage cost is chargeable after 24 hours of GRN-Goods receipt notes
    2. Storage fee is calculated on FIFO model (First In First Out)
  4. Weight category is determined as per actual or volumetric weight of the shipment whichever is higher.
  5. All pre-delivery returns will be accepted by FC irrespective of the condition and will have to undergo Quality Check (QC).
  6. Low Product Value will cover – Pendrives, CDs, Data / Memory cards, Screen guards/covers.
  7. Above commercials are not valid for white Goods like a refrigerator, washing Machine, television, microwave etc.

We have slashed the FC rates drastically to help you achieve more business during peak festive sales. During the festive time the new applicable rates will be:

Please note:

  • Optional procurement cost for transfer of material between Seller and FC location of INR 7 per kg per trip will be applicable.
  • Validity Period – All orders from 8th Aug 2016 till 31st March 2017

Eligibility to avail the above-discounted rate:

You should have completed successful delivery of > 500 orders in the month of July 2016. This above discount is applicable for sellers selling products only in below categories:

categoriesFulfillment Center locations:

View FC Locations – Pan India in a full-screen map

If you want to join one of our FCs or need more information, feel free to get in touch with your account manager or reach us via the Support tab on the top-right of the Seller Panel.