Getting Started/General Understanding

PLA (Product Listing Ads) are product based advertisements through which you can promote your catalog instead of relying on organic listings. These ads are present on multiple locations on Paytm Mall website & app. These ads are designed to boost the visibility for your products and may help you, as an advertiser, to stand out from your competitors. This may boost your sales and will provide you with real-time detailed analytics along the way.

Campaign Creation

A campaign is an advertising plan that you can create on your PLA dashboard. You are free to create multiple campaigns for different brands, categories, events or marketing objectives. 

All campaigns on your dashboard are funded by the budget in your PLA wallet. The campaigns help you place product ads on the platform based on your campaign settings. It helps you de-select which products you do not want to advertise and for what duration. 

You have to set a maximum daily limit for each campaign. This means that the campaign will not spend more than the daily limit amount set on any given day (minimum daily budget limit is Rs. 500).

You can also set a maximum spend limit to each campaign. The campaign will automatically stop once the maximum spend limit is met.

Creating a campaign does not guarantee that your ad will be placed on the platform. It also does not mean that all products that you have placed in the campaign will be advertised. The system will select products from your campaign to display as ads and show the products that will give you the maximum return on investment.

PLA Wallet

It is a wallet where you store budgets for your Product Listing Ads. This will be accessible on the seller panel/ad manager (under the PLA tab). It is the total kitty of funds available for all your PLA campaigns. You can create multiple campaigns, that will all use funds from your PLA wallet.

Understanding the Dashboard/ Campaign Analytics

You can check the details related to the performance of your campaign(s) in the PLA dashboard on the Paytm Mall seller panel/ad manager.

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