Return Policies

Types of Returns: Returns can often be complicated and time-consuming. In order to make things simpler for you, we classify returns under two basic headings to take care of the return pickup on your own.

Returns After Delivery: These are the normal return cases where the customer returns the product (against a pre-defined reason) to the seller. These deliveries are called Open Box Cases since the customer (in the majority of the cases) has opened the parcel before requesting a reverse pickup.

Returns Before Delivery: It is the situation when the shipped goods are delivered back to the origin without the customer even receiving it. This can happen in the following situations:

  • Non-availability of the customer at the shipping address
  • Customer cancels the order while it is still in transit (although in such cases, the courier still makes an attempt to deliver the product)
  • Items that are returned before delivery appear in the ‘Return Pending’ state. Once they are returned to the seller, the state changes to ‘Returned’.

This article deals with the Return Before Delivery process.

How does it work?

Please note: The following process is applicable only if you are Paytm Mall courier partner enabled. The service will take care of all your logistic related needs. If you have not availed this service, you have to take care of the return pickup on your own.

Return Process States

Corresponding to the state the shipment is in, it is visible under the below-mentioned states under the Returns tab in the Seller Panel:

  • Return Requested
    The customer wants the product to be returned. So, a return request is sent through Paytm Mall
  • Return Approved
    Returns are approved after a preliminary investigation by Paytm Mall
  • Return Picked
    The item has been picked up by the delivery partner from the customer
  • Return Rejected
    The return request has been rejected which could be due to any one of the many reasons
  • Return Delivered
    The item is delivered back to you


  1. How can I manage my returns?
    All the returned shipments are visible on your seller panel in the Returns tab. Refer to the returns training module to know more.
  2. Till when am I liable to receive returns?
    Each product category has its own return period.
  3. What are the Return Logistics charges?
    If you are Paytm Mall courier partner enabled (LMD), the charges applicable for the return logistics will be 1.25 times the forwarding courier charged.
  4. What if I am unhappy with the condition of the returned shipment and want to reject it?
    As per Paytm Mall policy, you are not supposed to reject any shipment. You should accept the returned shipment in whatever condition you receive it, and then raise a ticket via the Support option on the Seller Panel with the relevant images. Queries will only be entertained for shipments that have been accepted by the seller. Read more about Paytm Mall seller assurance.
  5. What should I do if the received shipment is different from the one that I had shipped?
    Such cases should be highlighted to the Seller Helpdesk within 48 hours via the Support option on the Seller Panel. Read more about Paytm Mall seller assurance.
  6. Can I ask the carrier to open the package?
    It is not possible for the carrier to open the package that is delivered to the sellers. It is suggested that you accept the shipment in whatever condition you receive it. In case of any issues, you can always reach out to the Seller Helpdesk for resolution of the same.
  7. What can I write on POD?
    If only the outer packaging of the received shipment is damaged, it needs to be mentioned on the courier POD. All other issues have to be raised to the Seller Helpdesk.  You need to provide the signature, stamp, the date of receiving, the receiver’s name, and your contact number, on the POD.
To understand the Returns Process in detail, please read here.

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